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  • Miraculum S.A.
  • Aleje Jerozolimskie 184 B
  • 02-486 Warsaw, Poland
  • email:
  • tel. +48 22 203 48 85
  • Consumer hotline:
  • m. +48 801 888 988

What is the most frequently asked question?

Love JOKO cosmetics and at the same time love makeup as much as we do? You are in the right place. Contact us: and join JOKO team.
Unfortunately, samples are not available for general distribution. You may receive them at the cashier's desk" when shopping online. If you are not sure which products are suitable for you, we would appreciate to answer all your questions. Contact us:
We use the latest achievements in safety testing. The products are not tested on animals or have no ingredients of animal origin. Safety of our consumers is our top priority at JOKO.
JOKO brand products are paraben free.
Visit the official MIRACULUM store – –
Contact us by e-mail or phone - we will be happy to help you.