1.  Choose the mascara. Take a look at the brush, assess the texture. You know your lashes best and know what they need. So...
  2. Choose the mascara to suit their needs, just like you choose the cream. If you dream of long, flirtatious lashes and yours are short, choose the lengthening mascara. By contrast, thin eyelashes need thickening, so use the curling mascara to lift them. Like XXL size lashes? Choose the "multifunctional" mascara.
  3. Use lash conditioners. They nourish, shine, moisturize and smooth the hair, which simply makes them look better.
  4. Curl the lashes with lash curler! Conjure up nicely lifted and curly lashes in a few seconds. Be careful not to use the lash curler on previously painted lashes, as it may break or even pull the hair out.
  5. Draw a line at the base of the lashes (with an eyeliner or eye pencil). This easy treatment optically thickens the hair - the line does not have to be perfect, you may smear it with a brush.
ICONIC LOOK Waterproof Mascara
LASH LOVERS Silicone Volume Mascara
RUNWAY LOOK Full Size Mascara
  1. Dream of loooong and thicker lashes? Powder your lashes before painting. Powder particles surround the hair (do this very gently) and act as a primer, making them look longer and thicker after application of the mascara. Just be careful, do it slowly and thoroughly.
  2. You may also combine different effects, thanks to different mascaras. Start with the maximally thickening mascara with a thicker brush, and then use the more "subtle" one to cover the tiniest hair.
  3. Comb the lashes. When arranged in one direction, they are easier to paint. You may use a special comb or a thoroughly washed brush from the used mascara.
  4. Want to correct your lash makeup during the day? Do it wet. The mascara will regain its elasticity when moistened. Therefore, massage them with wet fingers, untangle and com them. Apply another coat when dry.
  5. Waterproof mascara… perfect for everyday use, as it is resistant to sweat and tears.
  6. Don't forget... the eyebrows. They may bring out the beauty of the eyes, emphasize the character and the power of look.


Meet the mascara that increases the volume of eyelashes by profiling the shape of the eye, thanks to which it adds clarity to the look. A comfortable, classic brush and perfect consistency facilitate quick and efficient mascara, perfectly combing even the smallest eyelashes, without weighing them down.