Exceptional, unforgettable, filled with positive energy – it’s difficult to describe the time spent in Chile with the representatives of the Republic of Beauty drugstores. At the start, it was all unknown and there were moments of apprehension. But right after landing, it turned out that we were meeting with people who love make-up just as much as we do.

The Republic of Beauty has a monopoly on the drugstore market in Chile, and the JOKO brand cosmetics are their hit. Training, workshops, make-up demos, meetings with bloggers – that was the plan for our week-long stay. It was a time spent among make-up and JOKO cosmetics enthusiasts, a time filled with conversations about trends, tricks and the major make-up sins.

The biggest challenge was posed by meetings in the drugstores and step-by-step make-up demos. As it turned out, Chilean women prefer shades of brown and beige, while a few choose grey. They experiment most with lipstick colours, preferring vibrant, dark shades on their lips.


The JOKO brand brought colour into their lives! We convinced our cosmetic users to use bolder eyeshadow, blush and eyeliner colours. They fell in love with our baked products, nail polishes and conditioners. The meetings were inspiring for both sides.

The visit to Chile strengthened our position on that market. Our partner, the Republic of Beauty, is planning to introduce state of the art counter displays, which will facilitate further systematisation of the JOKO brand products in their drug stores.